The roots and the core of Skateboarding

Since the moment skateboards were invented skateboarding has been about having a good time; rolling around, hanging out with friends, and just doing what feels good.

The bottom-lines of corporations, and their need for constant spotlight turned skateboarding into sort of a pissing contest of daring stunts and circus show-esque crazy tricks captured after countless tries, and done not for it's joy anymore but for cameras.

Take a look at these pictures... These happy faces remind me what's in the very heart of skateboarding underneath all that bs. Don't let giant shoe makers, energy drinks, and televised contests make you forget that at its core skateboarding is about having fun with friends.

Click on images to view larger.

All pictures are shot in NYC in mid 60s by photojournalist Bill Eppridge. Click here for the source and to see more pictures.


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