Cool skateboard art/graphics

^ Santa Cruz, Yeti Screaming Hand - A spin-off of the famous Jim Phillips original Screaming Hand. I quite like this furry version.

^ Smorgas Beard Board - I don't know much about this board but I like the graphics. Let me know if you know more about it please. I'd like to give proper info and credits.

^ Santa Cruz, "Sun God/Neptune" Jason Jesse - A classic that originally came out in mid 80s, graphic by the legendary Jim Phillips. Really cool looking and fills the whole board nicely. Check out how well he incorporated the the text "Jason Jesse Mini" into the art.

^ Gama-Go, Tim Biskup - These are not mass produced boards and Gama-Go is not a skateboard company. They make tshirts, vinyl toys, and stuff like that, and Tim Biskup is one of their artists. I really like this graphic though. The snowman thing has a cool simple illustration style and how it fits and makes use of the board shape is pretty clever.

^ Jart Skateboards, Fuck Tha Police - I wouldn't advise letting the cops see this graphic if you happen to have this board, unnecessarily confrontational, but it is a funny and clever graphic.

^ Street Mafia, Pickle - Street Mafia has a lot of cool graphics. I like the simplicity and humor of the pickle.


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