Amelia Brodka Interview 1/28/17

Amelia Brodka is a director, writer, USC alumni, professional skateboarder and the maker of the documentary film Underexposed. Her film looks into gender inequality in the skateboarding world and promotes positive change for all involved.

Photo: Dave Chami

What do you enjoy most about skateboarding? The constant community-fueled progression

Did getting sponsored and getting an insight into the inner workings of the skateboarding industry change how you feel about skating? No

What are some of your favorite board graphics? I like the "Riley's Dad" Birdhouse board and Welcome usually has cool graphics

What trick(s) physically feel the most enjoyable to you? Airs, tailslides

What do you wish was different in the world? Our president

What do you wish was different in your life? My president

What are some books and movies that you really like? Books- Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky, Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, Inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Gallway Movies - Donnie Darko, Mean Girls, Requiem for a Dream

Photo: Julian Bleecker

What else are you into besides skateboarding? Pottery, Hiking, Surfing, Snowboarding, Reading, Vegan Cooking

I read that you're a kombucha fan. I want to try that soon. How do you brew your kombucha? And any advice for kombucha virgins like myself? All you need is tea bags, sugar, a place to put it and some cheesecloth. My advice is don't do it unless you plan on being committed to it. If it is an environment where outside toxins can get in you can make yourself sick.

Your documentary Underexposed, your work with Exposure, and all you do for women in skateboarding and women in general are awesome, beneficial to society, and significant. How do you split your time and attention between all of that and your professional skating career? Honestly, if I'm not skateboarding I'm working or sleeping. It's not easy.

How did you like film-making? I read you were not planning on making more movies, is that still the case, or are you interested in continuing to make more movies? Filmmaking was fun but I don't feel I have time for it while I'm running the nonprofit. It's a lot of work.

Any advice for others who have an idea for a documentary but don't know where to begin? You just have to begin. Just film something, anything. It doesn't have to be at "the beginning". Honestly, we made the beginning for Underexposed last.

Are there other skaters that have influenced you, not in terms of their skating but in terms of their social/charitable work? Tony Hawk does great work through his foundation building skateparks in underserved communities. He also works with Starkey Foundation helping kids hear for the first time and he has even helped bring wells to communities without running water. Everything he does is super inspiring!

Any parting words/wisdom for people out there? Follow your heart!

Photo: Michael Burnette

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Here's the trailer for Amelia's documentary film; Underexposed. Make sure you watch the full version, too. Find out more abo ut Amelia, her movie, and Exposure Skate, her non-profit organization helping girls in skateboarding.


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