Cool skateboard art/graphics 2

^ Mike Vallely Elephant, Powell & Peralta - Originally released 1988 (Artist: V. Courtland Johnson) This is Mike V's first pro model graphic and apparently he fought hard to have an elephant on it while P&P wanted to use a cockroach for his graphic. Who knows what the cockroach would have looked like but the elephant graphic looks great, and the African-looking black and white spikey parts really bring the whole thing together imo. Learn more

^ Tommy Guerrero Iron Gate, Powell & Peralta - Originally released 1989 (Artist: Sean Cliver) A little on the foofoo side but still pretty cool looking graphics.

^ Guy Mariano Accidental Gun Death, Blind Skateboards - Originally released 1992 (Artist: Marc McKee) This is one of the controversial graphics, which I like. It is skillfully illustrated, composed well on the board, and it's not something you're likely see anywhere else. It's one of those graphics that only the blunt attitude of skateboarding can put out there. Learn more

^ Nicky Guerrero Mask, Powell & Peralta - Originally released 1989 (Artist: Sean Cliver) This board has many cool colorways, the mask is pretty cool, and I really like the stylized feather graphics that acknowledge the board shape and where the trucks go, etc.

^ Jeremy Klein Black Eye Kid Everslick, World Industries - Originally released 1991. This turn-of-the 20th-century style illustration of a kid with a black eye is one of my favorite graphics. The dude is depicted to be reading How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie but judging by the black eye it's not working out too well for him :) (close up pic)


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