Kaos Temple - the church skatepark in Spain with murals by Okuda San Miguel

Here's the iconic 100-year-old-church-turned-into-skatepark dubbed the Kaos Temple. The concept of taking a beautiful abandoned church building and turning it into an indoor skatepark is pretty cool as is. The building has been serving one kind of devotees for so long and now it's serving those devoted to skateboarding. As if that conversion, and skating the altar around intricately-carved columns lit by tall stained-glass windows was not cool enough The artist Okuda San Miguel, covered every surface with his signature colorful geometric art, making this place a worthy spot for skaters and art-lovers alike.

red bull © lucho vidales

The project was initiated by an organization called the Church Brigade, was crowdfunded by the general public and was also sponsored by Redbull.

The Kaos Temple is unfortunately closed at the time of this writing but I hope it'll open up again soon.

^The artist Okuda, who created all the murals also created some cool boards featuring his art.

Check out the video for more information about the project, that artist Okuda's thoughts and the whole process:

Here's what the place looked like before Church Brigade and Okuda transformed it.

Image sources: thisiscolossal.com, designboom.com, churchbrigade.org

-The artist, Okuda San Miguel
-The Kaos Temple's facebook page: La Iglesia Skate (with address, hours, etc)
Poligono de Asipo
Llanera, Asturias
Map & directions *Make sure to check that it's open before heading there.


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