Nathan Fletcher quote on what it's all about

You see all these videos of dudes killing themselves to get some trick in their bags. And most people react by going "mad respect!" and commending their dedication... I think they're after fame and the spotlight, and I don't know how much glory there is in that. Once they have the footage (proof,) I don't think they wake up the next morning going; "man, I can't wait to go back and do that again!" They usually don't ever do it again (or at least anytime soon,) which tells me it may not have been super fun.

It's all about having a good time. Listen to Nathan Fletcher. He comes from a long line of rippers, knows about competition, and knows both the surf and skate industries inside and out.

Hi Shredability's Greyson Fletcher video is where the quote comes from (about 11:55 into the video.) Nathan says that talking about how Greyson is pushing himself hard, maybe too hard... Greyson definitely rips on a skateboard and this video makes it seem like he may be feeling some pressure to live up to the Fletcher name. Hopefully he takes Nathan's wisdom to heart. He is a great skater though, and I love his speed and style.


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