Skater girl Leticia Bufoni

Little by little it is becoming possible for women to live off of skateboarding and Leticia Bufoni is doing just that quite well. She has many trophies from giant contests like the X Games and the SLS along with a long and impressive list of sponsors... All that aside, what I really enjoy and appreciate about all this is that the more female skaters make it big, the more female skaters we see everywhere, and the whole scene benefits from that. Feminism and ideologies aside, skateboarding happens to be great fun and if more girls and women feel like they can enjoy skating without battling stigmas or feeling like they're the odd ones participating in a "boys" activity the happier we would all be. Leticia Bufoni is one of those important players opening skating's doors to the whole population. Kudos for that to Leticia and to female skaters everywhere!

^Big and proper melon grab (source)


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