Codebase: Stylish video from Öctagon & Vans

The black and white video is quite stylish with great camera work and futuristic looking spots. It may be equally interesting to skaters and architects alike. It's always good to see some cool looking spots.

Here's an awesome preview for the feel of the video - an uber stylish melon grab

Here's the video. BEWARE: the skating starts about 1:44 into the video.


Deep in the highest security labs of the Öctagon system headquarters, scientists from the Vans unit have been busy with a new confidential program known as “Codebase”. They are the gatekeepers of the system built to keep individuals under control. Their role is crucial to maintain order by making human beings comply with the data they receive.

Codebase is conducted by the corporation in an attempt to create a new version of plugs aiming at improving surveillance within the system. Technological progress made in this post-modernist era now enable these plugs to be mounted straight onto individual’s feet in order to precisely track their movements.


SOUND DESIGN & COMPOSITION : Antoine Boucherikha

MASTERING : Pyramide Studio


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