Great skate spots - Indoor bowls

There some bucket-list worthy indoor bowls out there. Just looking at these pictures trigger daydreams of long imaginary sessions. Hopefully you can get to ride some irl... Here they are in no particular order: (FYI, many of these are in great looking parks that have a lot more than these bowls. Also, the list focuses on shallower bowls. There are many great looking deeper bowls out there too but we find that these bowls are more accessible and fun for most skaters.)

1. Transgression Park Bowl in Edinburgh, Scotland

Visit their website for all info, address, prices, etc...

2. Woodward Beijing, China

Visit their website for all info, address, prices, etc...

3. Quaker Street Bowl by Benedict Radcliffe
Currently in Just Ramps Skatepark in Wolverhampton, England

4. Commonwealth Skatepark in Portland, OR, USA

All concrete indoor park. Website for all info.

5. Prevail Skatehouse in Dorset, England

Large park. Check their website for all info.

6. Revolution Skatepark - Climbing Centre in Kent, England


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