Skateboarding illustrations

With videos, editing, cinematography, music, board graphics, etc...skateboarding culture has a big space reserved for art. And art of the best kind, that is not (as) corrupted by commerce and pretentious bs.

Here are some illustrations that pay homage to skateboarding:

^ Tintin would totally be a skater imo.
Illustration by Elga Rizkhiyana (source)

^ Way to capture the kick-flip!
Awesome llustration by Scott Martin, aka Burnt Toast Creative (source)

^ Skater storm trooper. May not be able to shoot anything but hits the park all the time.
Illustration by Jonathan Bergeron (source for both illustrations)

^ I always thought of Bones Ripper as a jolly dude. Maybe Yoda
would have been a better substitute :)
Also by Jonathan Bergeron

^ Good ride to you, too, gentle sir!
By Christopher Jacques (source)


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