Iconic skateboarding shots: The soul of skateboarding

There are many iconic skateboarding photographs and it would be hard to make a comprehensive list of all of them... And if you wanted to create such a list, there would be 2 paths imo: one would have photos that capture significant milestones in skateboarding (like Danny Way's drop in from a helicopter, or Natas's first boardslide down a handrail...), or it would have the photos that shaped and captured the culture and the soul of skateboarding. If I were making that 2nd list, these following shots would be included:

^A dope picture of surfer/pioneer skater Larry Bertlemann (aka Rubbermann) photographed by Kirk Aider - mid 1970s

^Skateboarding was always about fun and friendship.
From Life Magazine - NYC, 1960s, photo by Bill Eppridge Photography

^The legend: Natas

^A classic skate-rat in action. Rumored to be circa 1978 around Venice or Ocean Beach. Someone on a forum mentioned "Vinny Rickets" but I'm not sure if that's supposed to be the skater or the photographer.

^A great shot by Hugh Holland. 1970s California

^Poetry is not always written. Another legend: Gonz (Mark Gonzales)

^Iconic shot paying homage to skateboarding's surfing roots.
Photo by Arto Saari (@artofoto) taken at the volcomhouse.

^"Rheilly & Damsel" Photo by Spot (Glen Lockett) from the book "The Sound of Two Eyes Opening"


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