Skateboarding Memes 1

Here's a small collection of memes featuring skateboarding, some are based on existing well-known memes, and some are found online, and the last few are Sk8All originals: 

^The 'epic handshake' meme. "For my next trick... Magicians & Skateboarders"

^"I don't always roll a joint, but when I do, it's my ankle"
This is based on the classic "the world's most interesting man" meme, aka the "I don't always" meme. Can't find the original creator of this version, it is all over the internet. It fits skateboarding very well but it may not even be aimed specifically at skateboarding since it could apply to all kinds of sports/activities.

^ "Tired of sore thumbs from texting? Get a skateboard and experience pain everywhere"
(The earliest occurrence I found was from @skateboardsforhope's instagram page)

The "I am fabulous" skateboarding grandma. Yes, you sure are, and yes I am, old lady!
Not sure who created this but it is based on this picture.)

^ "Who ever started those "stepping on lego" memes was not a skater." A Sk8All original, I've seen various memes made using this image since but I saw this image and decided to pair it with these words. I'm pretty sure I saw the original on someone's instagram account but can't find it now. If anyone knows the photographer, I'd love to give them credit.

Another Sk8All original. Saw this great 'push' image and combined it with these words.

Based on Thumper from South Park, the "super cool ski instructor" meme. Another Sk8All original.


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