"Unbroken" Louis Zamperini Skateboarding

This is about Louis Zamperini, the hero of the book "Unbroken" which was also made into a blockbuster movie by the same title. Louis was many things, but he is mostly known for being a POV in WWII severely beaten and mistreated in various Japanese prisoner camps for about 2 years -which was preceded by surviving being adrift in the Pacific Ocean for 47 days(!!) after his crew's plane crashed into the ocean. He is widely considered to be a symbol of resilience, which he credits to his optimism.

Another interesting thing about Zamperini, which I've found out years after reading the book is that, true to his resilient and optimist attitude, Louis Zamperini picked up skateboarding at the age 72, and remained a skater afterwards. Below is a picture of Zamperini skateboarding at age 81. How cool (and so fitting) that this resilient, optimist man, who managed to survive incredible hardships for years, was a skater at heart!

(Photo credited only as "courtesy of Louis Zamperini")

I didn't see the movie, but I read the book "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand about Zamperini's life and I would recommend it.


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