Most older skaters claim to wear a helmet

Helmets used to be a bit of a taboo in the skateboarding world. It was claimed that your picture could not be featured in a magazine if you had a helmet on (unless you were skating big pools or vert) (and you never saw pictures of non-vert skaters with helmets on, so in a way the proof was in the pudding, as they say.) Andy Anderson was one of the rare pros that promoted helmets on and off transitions and he did face backlash and some rejection for it. But hopefully attitudes are changing and things are getting  better for those looking out for their noggins. I wanted to find out about what older-skaters thought about helmets and did a poll on reddit's r/oldskaters subreddit, which is supposed to be for skaters over 30 years-old. Even though these people grew up in the no-helmet days, it was good to see that most of them wear helmets. Below are the results: 

The voting was closed on March 17, 2024. If you want to see the comments, click here. I wrote about helmets before as well, check that post out if you're interested. 


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