Skateboard Illustrations 2

In this 2nd edition of  skateboard illustrations post, I'm focusing on busy illustrations. What sets these apart is there is a lot going on and a lot to look at in these illustrations, they fill up the whole frame which also gives them a pattern-like unique style.

The top three are by Phil Hackett / Hackett Illustration. I think the fourth one is by him too. I can't find a source or proper credits for that 4th one but it sort of looks similar to Hackett's style. If you happen to know anything about the creator of that 'skaters in the sink' illustration please let me know.

The top illustration is done in an M. C. Escher style (specifically referencing his "Relativity Lattice") and PH did a great job of mixing up dimensions and directions and creating a very entertaining artwork to look at.

The busiest two illustrations, #2 and #3 are done in the "where's Waldo" style but instead you get to look for Natas and the Gonz in one, and Lance and Neil in the other. They have a lot of detail and you should really check out the full-size versions to appreciate all the details, and also to find Natas, Gonz, Neil, and Lance.

The bottom illustration titled "Jurassic Skate Park" is by Dan Woodger.


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