Skater girl Leticia Bufoni

Little by little it is becoming possible for women to live off of skateboarding and Leticia Bufoni is doing just that quite well. She has many trophies from giant contests like the X Games and the SLS along with a long and impressive list of sponsors... All that aside, what I really enjoy and appreciate about all this is that the more female skaters make it big, the more female skaters we see everywhere, and the whole scene benefits from that. Feminism and ideologies aside, skateboarding happens to be great fun and if more girls and women feel like they can enjoy skating without battling stigmas or feeling like they're the odd ones participating in a "boys" activity the happier we would all be. Leticia Bufoni is one of those important players opening skating's doors to the whole population. Kudos for that to Leticia and to female skaters everywhere!

^Big and proper melon grab (source)

Jackson Dorian skating a mini ramp

This little shredder is Jackson Dorian, the surf legend Shane Dorian's son. He does more surfing than skating but he's really good on a skateboard too -even without shoes!

Nice setting for a mini ramp. Video is from Jackson Dorian's instagram.

Skate trick tribute: Boneless

Boneless is one of the most basic tricks in skating. It is also one of the most fun, versatile, and easy tricks. Beginners and pros alike do them and you can do them anywhere. We salute you, boneless.
^Here's Dolan Stearns with a boneless onto a steep bank - from the What Youth video.

^Barney Page - from his part in The Sour Solution video

^Grant Taylor popping a huge frontside boneless. Source.

Don't know how to do a boneless, or need a refresher? Here's Ben Raemers teaching you the art and science of the boneless:

ISAMU: a short skate film featuring young freestyler Isamu Yamamoto

This short film is great. I am not usually a fan of really technical skating but the director Brett Novak combined some great locations, editing, cinematography, and music to make this one quite a joy to watch. The quotes in the beginning and the end of the film make it easy to relate to the young shredder, Isamu Yamamoto -who has a lot of talent and some unusual tricks.

Isamu Yamamoto, born 2003, is a freestyle skateboarder from Japan. He came on the scene strong when he placed first in the World Freestyle Roundup in 2014 in the amateur division and won many more amateur and pro titles since. He is also into art and creates his own artwork. You can find out more about him on his website or his facebook page.

Image sources: The gif and the still image are both taken from the movie.

Gallery for art on skateboards - The Skateroom

The Skateroom is a unique and great project/gallery. They collaborate with well-known artists (like Ai Weiwei, Andy Warhol, Shepard Fairey, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and more) to create and sell limited edition skateboards and they use the money generated to fund social projects supporting skateboarding and youth, like the Skateistan.

Shepard Fairey - "No Future"

The boards are great deals, well priced considering the artists involved sell pieces for millions of dollars, and are likely to gain value.

Learn more about The Skateroom and buy art on skateboards here, or follow them on facebook.

Jean-Michel Basquiat - "Gold Griot"

Andy Warhol - "Colored Campbell's Soup Yellow"

All pics from - Go to their site to see all the boards they have with artwork from many more artists. And if you're ever in Brussels, Belgium, you can see the gallery in person (make sure you confirm that they'll be open to visitors before you head there.)

Bureo Skateboards - Boards made of recyled fishnets

These are not your typical size/shape skateboards but they are wider and longer than most other plastic boards. They also come with much better wheels and trucks, so they are quite fun to ride. The biggest reason to buy one of these is that they are made of recycled fishing nets. Fishing nets discarded by the fishing industry are a huge source plastic pollution in the ocean and wreak havoc on marine life. If you're in the market for a commuter board or just a fun board with a quiet and smooth ride, get one of these and help clean the ocean and support good people trying to do good. You can get yourself one and learn more at

 Both images from Bureo's instagram feed.

Skateboarding & photography

For obvious reasons, most skateboarding photography focuses on capturing the trick more so than the art of photography. Skateboarding is an excellent subject for photographs though and cameras are definitely a part of the skateboarding culture. Here are some great shots focusing more on aesthetics and creativity, capturing and at the same time contributing to the skate culture.

^Great shadow play.
Photo by Jaanus Ree, skater: Gard Hvaara, Location: Tallinn, Estonia

^Giant flip over the city


^Skyscraper drop-in
Photo+photoshop by Robert Jahns aka Nois7

^You don't quit skating because you grow old.
You grow old because you quit skating.

^Blonde skater girl
Skater: Laura Austin - photo slightly touched up by me.

Here are the sources for all the pics, however I could not find proper credits for all of these. If you happen to know any more about the photographers or the skaters pictured please let me know and I'll give them credit. Image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4, image 5, image 6, image 7