RIP Victor Earhart; the skater grandpa

We have lost a valuable ambassador of skateboarding. Victor Earhart enjoyed riding downhill and even off-road, and worked many years building skateboards. He is known mostly for showing us that you can keep riding well into old age (and that infamous "I'd give a f*ck, but I already gave it to your grandmother last night" meme.) Victor passed away in a motorcycle accident on November 28, 2016. He is an inspiration to everyone who dreams of building a life around their passion and joy, and to everyone that hopes to skate for as long as possible. Thanks for all the stoke, Victor! Rest in peace.

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(FYI, this video has a long intro with logos and whatnot so I skipped it. Rewind manually to see the skipped part if you're curious.)

New tshirt design: "True Friends" Old-School skateboard tattoo

"True Friends, Good Feels, Plywood & 4 Wheels." Board shapes change but the love of skating is forever! So here's our new skate-shirt based on old-school tattoos as a nod to our timeless love. It comes in two versions paying homage to classic board graphics, the skull skateboard, and the dagger skateboard. Great for skaters, tattoo lovers, and bike gang members! As always, it's available in other colors and on a variety of products.

Cool skateboard art/graphics

^ Santa Cruz, Yeti Screaming Hand - A spin-off of the famous Jim Phillips original Screaming Hand. I quite like this furry version.

^ Smorgas Beard Board - I don't know much about this board but I like the graphics. Let me know if you know more about it please. I'd like to give proper info and credits.

^ Santa Cruz, "Sun God/Neptune" Jason Jesse - A classic that originally came out in mid 80s, graphic by the legendary Jim Phillips. Really cool looking and fills the whole board nicely. Check out how well he incorporated the the text "Jason Jesse Mini" into the art.

^ Gama-Go, Tim Biskup - These are not mass produced boards and Gama-Go is not a skateboard company. They make tshirts, vinyl toys, and stuff like that, and Tim Biskup is one of their artists. I really like this graphic though. The snowman thing has a cool simple illustration style and how it fits and makes use of the board shape is pretty clever.

^ Jart Skateboards, Fuck Tha Police - I wouldn't advise letting the cops see this graphic if you happen to have this board, unnecessarily confrontational, but it is a funny and clever graphic.

^ Street Mafia, Pickle - Street Mafia has a lot of cool graphics. I like the simplicity and humor of the pickle.

Tribute to Natas Kaupas

Natas Kaupas is one of my all-time favorites for making skating fun. His parts both in Wheels of Fire and Streets on Fire are among my all time favorites for making me want to go out and skate. Thanks for all the good times, Natas!

Natas Kaupas circa 1980s

Here's Natas' fun part from the Santa Cruz video Wheels of Fire:

Skateboarding risks and injury stats infographic

There isn't a lot of data on skateboarding injuries out there, mostly bits and pieces in various sites. I gathered all the stats I could find in this infographic.

The major take-away for me was that wrist guards and staying away from traffic can really improve one's odds of staying in one piece. Enjoy, and don't break a leg!

skateboarding risks and injury stats inforgraphic

-This infograph presents data from various years and periods within the last decade. When there was data available from multiple years, I used their average.
-In the "fracture locations" section, the total of all the percentages add up to 86%. The remaining 14% is  all the other bones combined.

Data sources:

Stylish rock n' roll

A good style makes even the simplest tricks more fun to do and more fun to watch.

(If you know who this is let me know, I'd like to give him credit. Source)