Good people, good intentions, and skateboards

This is an awesome project. The final product reminds me of the everslick boards of the past. Not only did those things slide like nobody's business but the plastic layers also prevented chipping (and possibly breaking) and made the boards last longer, too. These boards here probably have the same advantages going for them, too.

I love it when my interests and passions come together in a cool way. Most skaters I know are pretty cool people and are generally well informed and concerned about a bunch of issues including our environment. Kudos to Mac Premo and Don Sanford for getting together and making the world better. They did not just recycle trash that was going to landfills as skateboards but they also used them with some charities in very positive ways. Well done.

Find out more about the bucket boards, Mac Premo, and Don Sanford.

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Dudes having fun

Good times is what it's all about. Enjoy!

Nose and tail slide

Wallie grind

7 dude ollie train
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Pedro Barros

Pedro Barros having a great time with the transitions and the bowl. Looks like a fun park.

Shared from vansskate tumblr - Filmed by Ryan Lovell